Jesse Mac Cormack

“I picked up the guitar and never left it since.” – Jesse Mac Cormack

Jesse Mac Cormack is a Montreal born and raised musician. Radiating warmth and soul, Mac Cormack’s music exposes tension and resolution’s shared core, undressing the complexities of conflict. Guided by increasingly complex arrangements, rhythmic progressions within both the acoustic and electric realm, Mac Cormack’s impassioned vocals belie their owner’s youth.

Jesse Mac Cormack
Jesse Mac Cormack
Jesse Mac Cormack


Recording all of his music in his home studio, Mac Cormack has achieved a sound that is intimate and raw, both smooth and coarse. Since he first began recording and producing his own music with nothing but a guitar and anamp, Mac Cormack is now working with tape machines, pedals, synths; acombination of quality sound gear and vintage instruments and equipment. “I’m abig fan of Tape Echoes and vintage synths, guitar and bass.”

Jesse Mac Cormacks music is influenced by a number of artists and producers headmires, since he is “very curious about production” when he likes a recordfrom another artist. His old-soul has captured the attention of many successful musicians he got to share the stage and collaborate with, both within the Montreal music community and internationally.

His debut EP Music For the Soul (2014) is both healing and inviting, guided by acoustic guitar and Jesse’s voice whereas Crush (2014) exposes a darker, yet more upbeat rendition of Mac Cormack’s sound, transitioning from comfort to confrontation. Crush culminates in explosive instrumental breaks featuring heavier percussion and electric guitar. This sultry magnetic sound is carried by the ever expanding range of Mac Cormack’s vocal abilities.

Jesse Mac Cormack will release his mesmerizing new album, Now, May 3 on Secret City Records. He reveals the new album cut “Give A Chance.” The song is featured on NPR All Songs Considered and the companion video debuted at NPR Music. This follows leadsingle “NoLove Go,”which already has over 600,000 streams in only a couple of weeks.

With rope as a metaphor, the “Give AChance” video, directed by Frédérique Bérubé, depicts the universal journey and the decisions individuals must take as they face the hurdles and roadblocks of life. "My initial goal was to write a song using African ternary rhythm in order to create a trance inconcert," shares Jesse. "The lyrics are about the birth and death of relationships, how you must let them go when seasons change, when it’s time to look for new paths. There is no shortcut for those things. You have to go through them." 

The songs on Now are prismatic and forward-facing, recalling the adventurous pop of Tame Impala, Talk Talk and PerfumeGenius. Mixed by Matt Wiggins in the UK (Adele, London Grammar, Lorde, U2), it is a work of ardent, kaleidoscopic art-rock that is at once adazzling premiere and the culmination of a meticulous five-year evolution. The record’s landscape is the open space of the Mojave Desert—“vast and weird,” the tranquil bed of what was once a teeming ocean. Death Valley has long loomed large in Jesse’s imaginary and is omnipresent in many visual aspects of Now.

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