Machiavelli Podcast

Machiavelli - The Podcast about Rap & Politics

HipHop is politically born and HipHop has remained political. Whether internationally or in Germany: From N.W.A. to K.I.Z., from Advanced Chemistry to Kendrick Lamar. Rap loves politics, politics loves rap - sometimes offensively from every line, sometimes hidden between the rhymes.

Machiavelli Podcast
Machiavelli Podcast
Machiavelli Podcast


Vassili Golod and Jan Kawelke have been talking and arguing about this love story since mid-2018. Discussing, why Kanye West flirts with Donald Trump and why the federal government should listen to Eko Fresh on heavy rotation. It's always about people with an impact. People with power - no matter if they wear expensive jewellery or ties. Machiavelli is about big speeches and unheeded rhymes. Everything between the lines.

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